Bullies, Hoochie Mamas, and Fried Asparagus!

Hello everybody!

We missed two weeks-too busy to blog!


"Betty Barsky threatens to punch William Winky in the nose!"

"William Winky shakes hands with Betty Barsky
after she changes her bad bullying behavior"

Our new anti-bullying show, Sticks and Stones, is officially up and running!

Thanks to St. Paul school in Carroll County, VA for hosting our first performance.

We visited our friends with Porkchop Productions, Stacey and Laura in their beautiful home in Aiken, SC.

Stacey Maxwell is the writer of Sticks and Stones!

They were so sweet and treated us to a wonderful dinner @ a restaurant called Taco Sushi!

We loved the fried asparagus!

Ben with his Porkchop Productions HAT!
He was so excited because Daniel Radcliffe-Harry Potter-also has one!


After our visit we continued our travels to Atlanta, GA or  Hot-Lanta where I auditioned for NBC’s THE VOICE!

Talk about seeing some Crazies–Hoochie Mamas, Cowboys, Ghetto Warriors, stage moms, etc.

Thousands and Thousands of Crazies including myself!

After being searched three times for mace and weaponry, finally you SING!

I will tell you all the details later when i see you! Needless to say after several cuts–Not this year!

It was a great and fun experience!


Also, this week is our Winter Living Storybook Classes Recital on Thursday, March 22nd @ 7:00PM @ King Recreation Acres, in King, NC.

Our Students have really been wonderful this year!

We are so proud of them!


Our Van, Our Chitty has passed on to that great Storybook in the Sky!

She will be missed!


The the last thing to report is that we were recognized by Barter Theatre for VCA’s Minds Wide Open program for our work with children in the arts!


We will try to blog next week!

Love ya,

Christina Holland


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