Wild week with snow, a Lincoln Performance, a blown tire, and the Daytona 500!

It has been a wild week with snow, a Lincoln Performance, a blown tire, and the Daytona 500!

We had 6 an 1/2 inches of snow on President’s Day!  Not much work done but, we had fun! We built a snow bear and a snow woman. To view the entire photo album visit our album on Facebook. “She’s a Lady! Whoa! She’s a Lady!

We have had a tremendous response from schools about Sticks and Stones, our new anti-bullying Show. Our first show is scheduled for March 12th 2012. We can’t wait!

We performed Lincoln at Ben’s School on Friday.  We are so proud of Meadows of Dan Elementary School.  Special thanks to Principal Jeannie King and The Reynolds Homestead for sponsoring us.


Sorry to report that we didn’t win an Oscar again this year, but we have received some nice comments about our film BECOMING ABE on YOUTUBE.http://youtu.be/icXJZjzTsdA

The Daytona 500 was finally run last night. After Danica crashed on the 1st lap, we thought about Louise Smith, a character in our Heaven on Wheels Show, who crashed her husband’s Ford at the old Daytona Beach Race. “Blow Their Doors Off!” It will be interesting to see if Heaven on Wheels plays some racing events this year.

Bruce Burgess, Christina Holland, and Buddy Tuttle

Enjoy the warm weather this week!

Peter and Christina Holland


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