Big Southern “Hey” from Once Upon a Blue Ridge

So WE (Peter and Christina Holland) decided to start a blog to write our thoughts, updates, travels, calendar, etc. If you know us, then you know we are a mom and pop theatre company–literally!

Today is a good day to start our blog because we are @ home enjoying a snow day with our soon to be 8-year-old son, Benjamin. We are feeling very grateful because we had so many students sign up for our Living Storybook Winter Drama classes in Stokes County, NC. We are so fortunate to have great students and parents that support us and love our programs! We love them!  We hope that 2012 is going to be a good year for everybody.

We are looking forward to celebrating some milestones this year–The 35th Anniversary of the Living Storybook Program and Peter’s 60th birthday! (He is not to happy about the Birthday!) We hope you follow us and share us on Facebook, twitter, etc.

Check out our website @ and our Facebook page for more information about us and our programs.

Break a Leg in 2012 the year of the DRAGON and stay in touch.


Peter and Christina


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